Utah Private Probation

& Ankle Monitoring Services

We are Utah's leading provider of offender monitoring and court diversion programs. We provide the Courts and defendants with more options for Pre-Trial and Post Sentencing Monitoring including private probation services, GPS ankle monitoring, House Arrest, and Drug and Alcohol monitoring,


We provide private probation services and 24/7 monitoring

Freeing up officers to perform their daily duties

Using active tracking and monitoring of offenders in alternative programs to incarcerations for sentencing, re-entry or early release programs, restraining order solutions, and even alcohol monitoring will allow us to confine and control our offenders while allowing better management and control of our inmate population.

OnPoint court services provides all the monitoring thus freeing up officers to perform their daily duties with less expense to tax payers and less worry about offenders.

  • NO cost to the court or tax payers
  • Less Violation reporting as only true violations are reported
  • Less Paperwork
  • Complete reporting to the court for enrollments, violations, and completions
  • A simple way to fax or email your orders. We take it from there.


Continuous Alcohol Monitoring


SCRAM Remote Breath

Remote Alcohol Breathe Testing


SCRAM House Arrest

House Arrest Monitoring

scram gps ankle bracelet


GPS Location Monitoring

How our process works

We offer easy access to court services for clients or courts


Court Orders EM

The Court orders electronic monitoring *(EM. Pre-Trial, House Arrest, or Probation Monitoring)

Clerk faxes or emails order

Your clerk faxes or emails us the order.

We contact the defendant

Our Agent contacts the defendant to schedule the enrollment.


Our Agents installs the GPS device and or alcohol monitoring device.

We Contact The Court

Our Agents will send your court an enrollment verification letter.

We Monitor

The defendant will be monitored according to conditions placed by your court.

We Report Any Violations

Our team will send you true violation report should they occur.


Upon completion of monitoring, we will remove the equipment and send your court a completion letter.

How much will this cost?

That’s a good question, thankfully not nearly as much as you may think.

Monitoring One Time Fees

One-Time Install Fee (In office)


One-Time Install Fee (On-Site Or After Hours)


Initial Private Probation Interview


House Arrest Setup Fee


Monitoring Daily Fees

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring




SCRAM Remote Breath®


House Arrest Daily Monitoring


Private Probation

Initial Probation Interview & Case Plan


Monthly Private Probation Fee (Incudes Compliance Reports)


Urinalysis (12 Panel Drug Test)


Urinalysis (12 Panel Drug Test) - Re-Test


Violation Report Including Supporting Affidavit And Monitoring Reports


No-Show Fee


Accepted methods of payment:
Mastercard, Visa Discover, And American Express, Money Orders, Cash, Venmo, and Paypal.

Mobile installs/enrollments

We meet you at the court, jail or bail agency for enrollment

We make the installation process as easy as possible for our clients. That’s why we offer mobile installations. We come to you at the court, jail, or bail agency office!
Our company policy does not allow staff to meet clients at their residence for safety reasons
Our vehicles are equipped with monitoring center access, therefore providing access to all defendant/offender monitoring, even on the go.

Request Mobile Enrollment
  • Courts: Offering reporting and compliance notifications
  • Pre-Trial: Monitoring Defendants during the pretrial phase of their case
  • Sentencing: Offering home detention and or alcohol monitoring as an alternative to incarceration
  • Probation: We can monitor your probationers even if they are out of the County/State
  • A simple way to fax or email your orders. We take it from there.

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