OnPoint Service Costs

Is dedicated to offering Cost-effective

Private probation and monitoring services

We are committed to providing a reliable, cost-effective alternative to incarceration both pre-trial and post-sentencing by utilizing the latest technology to monitor and locate assigned offenders. We provide individual case plans to ensure compliance with court orders thus contributing to public safety.

Cost seeming overwhelming?

We offer the latest technologies in products and electronic supervision and monitoring to deliver the best possible service to ensure court-ordered compliance. We will work with you to customize a cost-effective monitoring program to fit your needs.

For qualified applicants, flexible payment plans are available, however, arrangements must be made prior to the installation of equipment.

We offer an incentive-based payment plan for clients who make timely payments and offer a 10% discount for pre-payment of monitoring service (90-day minimum).

OnPoint Service Pricing

Private probation or monitoring is less expensive than most people think.

One Time Fees

One-Time Install Fee (In office)


One-Time Install Fee (Off-Site Or After Hours)


Initial Private Probation Interview


House Arrest Setup Fee


Daily Fees

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring




SCRAM Remote Breath®


House Arrest Daily Monitoring


Private Probation

Initial Probation Interview & Case Plan


Monthly Private Probation Fee (Incudes Compliance Reports)


Urinalysis (12 Panel Drug Test)


Urinalysis (12 Panel Drug Test) - Re-Test


Violation Report Including Supporting Affidavit And Monitoring Reports


No-Show Fee


Accepted methods of payment:
Mastercard, Visa Discover, And American Express, Money Orders, Cash, Venmo, and Paypal.