Weber County GPS Ankle Monitoring & Pretrial Services

OnPoint Court Services is a highly trusted private probation and GPS ankle monitoring company located in Weber County, Utah. Using state of the art equipment and professional staff we offer a full range of Pre-trial and Post-Sentencing offender monitoring solutions as an alternative to incarceration.

Court Services We Offer:

  • House Arrest
  • Continuous Alcohol Monitoring
  • GPS Ankle Monitoring
  • Private Probation Services
  • U.A. Drug Testing

Who Do We Work With?

We primarily work with local Ogden, Weber County agencies such as Judges, Courts, Prosecutors, Families, Attorneys, Law Enforcement, Rehabilitation Centers and the Ogden Community.

SCRAM Electronic Monitoring System

Judges in Utah may order electronic monitoring as an alternative to incarceration. OnPoint utilizes the SCRAM electronic GPS monitoring system with 24-hour active reporting. Our friendly and professional agents are available to assist for remote installs in home, at treatment centers or jails. The SCRAM monitoring system can be ordered for:

Pre Trial Release as Stipulation to a Bond

As a stipulation to being released on bail, a judge often will require a defendant to have a GPS ankle monitoring unit as a condition for Pre Trial release from jail.

Court Ordered Sentencing

In lieu of incarceration or jail time, a judge may sometimes order a house arrest monitoring bracelet installed.

Alcohol Dependence Prevention Program

TThe SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring device complements treatment for alcohol dependence with 24 Hour active monitoring to prevent alcohol consumption.

Our Monitoring Service Process:

  1. The court orders pre-trial or GPS ankle monitoring.
  2. A court clerk faxes or emails the order to OnPoint Court Services.
  3. We contact the defendant and install the GPS Unit.
  4. We promptly contact the court with an enrollment verification letter.
  5. We monitor, and report only true violations, which our knowledgeable staff will thoroughly explain to you during the set-up process.
  6. Upon completion of probation, house arrest, or alcohol monitoring, we will promptly send a letter of disengagement to the Salt Lake County Courts and remove the monitoring device.

Supervised Private Probation

Onpoint Court Services also provides Weber County local agencies with private probation and rehabilitation services. Our 24 Hour supervision services help alleviate some of the financial burdens to the Ogden jail while helping offenders work towards re-engaging back into society while staying out of jail.

Our Supervised Private Probation Services

  1. Initial probation interview and development of personalized case plan.
  2. Monthly compliance reports sent to the court.
  3. On-site urinalysis drug testing.
  4. Violation reporting with supporting affidavit and monitoring report.

For more information about GPS Ankle Monitoring or Private Probation services, call 801-804-3977 and our friendly, highly trained staff will help you get started today.