SCRAM CAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

Drunk driving is a scourge upon society, wreaking havoc in the lives of individual victims, their families, their friends, and communities as a whole. The judicial system is addressing this issue through numerous initiatives designed to assess offenders, enforce compliance with no-drinking orders, monitor accountability, and discuss the root causes of drunk driving and other alcohol-related crimes. These causes include alcohol abuse, and addiction to alcohol.

That is why OnPoint has opted to offer SCRAM CAM continuous alcohol monitoring services to our clients. It is the most innovative and dependable alcohol monitoring Utah has to offer. Some of the benefits of the SCRAM CAM compliance program include the following.

Standalone Alcohol Monitoring

  • No gaps in testing—clients are not able to "miss" a test or to plan their drinking around scheduled tests
  • Remains with the client; clients don't need to find (or be provided) transportation to testing centers
  • CAM has been proven in scientific studies to be an effective method for offenders who have been determined to have alcohol addictions or dependence
  • Can be advantageous for those who are already undergoing addiction treatment by enforcing compliance and alerting treatment providers when intervention is necessary

Transdermal Testing

You've probably noticed the scent of alcohol on someone after a night of drinking. It's challenging to avoid that scent if you've been drinking. The reason for this is that alcohol is not only present on the breath and in the blood of someone who has indulged. The person also secretes alcohol through the skin. That's why a transdermal alcohol monitoring system can be so effective, and why our CAM ankle bracelet monitor is becoming so popular with courts and communities.

There are many different options for alcohol monitoring technologies. CAM, or continuous alcohol monitoring, is required to meet very high standards to be approved by the court. Most people are familiar with drug testing to some degree. However, alcohol poses some unique challenges when it comes to consistent testing.

Utah Alcohol Monitoring

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It is the most common drug of abuse for criminal offenders, so being able to monitor alcohol use is vital for communities. However, while most drugs can be easy to identify during routine testing, the body metabolizes alcohol rapidly. Alcohol is also easy to obtain legally, and many offenders who habitually use the drug have learned to conceal their use. This can make it particularly challenging to assess alcohol-involved offenders and even harder to detect their alcohol use and deter them from further alcohol abuse.

Benefits Of Transdermal Testing

An alcohol ankle monitor that provides continuous transdermal testing solves these issues in an affordable, efficient way. Offenders can't merely schedule their drinking for times when a breathalyzer or other test won't confront them. And if they do decide to violate the terms of their parole, the offense will be recorded, and there will be consequences.

At OnPoint, we've chosen SCRAM CAM because we believe it is the best choice to help prevent offenders from using alcohol. It also protects communities from alcohol-involved crimes.