SCRAM Remote Breath Alcohol Tester With Location Monitoring

Not all clients and offenders require the same level of monitoring. Some offenders are at a lower risk of offending by using alcohol. Others have earned the right to less intrusive tracking. For these and other compliant clients, we offer the SCRAM remote breath alcohol tester with location monitoring. This system is the first handheld portable remote breath alcohol monitoring device that gives GPS location services and facial recognition technology.

GPS Enabled Breath Alcohol Testing

With any alcohol monitoring program, it's essential to know where the client is when they take their test. Whether they pass or fail, this provides the supervisor with a valuable data point regarding the client's behavior. However, it's equally—or perhaps even more—important to know where an offender is when they miss a test or neglect to take it. That's why the SCRAM remote alcohol monitoring system doesn't just report location when a test is completed.

It's well known that clients will arrange to "miss" a breath alcohol testing obligation when they're drinking. When they do so, they may claim that they "forgot" to take the device with them and didn't have it available. By having the GPS verify the user's location every time a test is required, the SCRAM system helps to prevent this excuse from muddying the waters.

Applications For Wireless Portable Breath Alcohol Monitoring

This level of testing is recommended in a variety of different situations. These can include more minor offenses, like nuisance complaints or public disorder charges. Courts may also determine wireless portable breath alcohol monitoring suitable for clients who require less intensive supervision or have been evaluated as having a lower risk of recidivism. It may also be appropriate for those who had a lower blood alcohol content at the time of their arrest, or for first-time offenders.

Utah Alcohol Monitoring

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Why Use SCRAM Remote Breath?

SCRAM's remote breath system provides officers and supervisors with a proportional method of sobriety monitoring for first-time and lower-level offenders. It also provides them with immediate notifications that include not only the client ID and the BAC, but also their GPS location. This system provides supervisors with the data they need to monitor mid-level clients effectively.

It also offers flexible testing options, including different frequencies, scheduled testing, random testing, and on-demand testing to fit a variety of supervision requirements.

In addition to these benefits, the SCRAM remote breath system is also equipped with government security grade facial recognition software. While many breathalyzer options may take photos, most require supervisors to engage in a manual review of photos to ensure that the device is being used correctly by the client.

However, with automated facial recognition technology, the need to manually review photos is reduced by 90-95%, making it far more efficient for supervisors. The exceptional camera provides high-resolution images, so even for the 5-10% of photos that do require review, it is easy to see whether or not the client was the one blowing. This system improves efficiency and reduces liability.